Discover the Adventures of the Northwoods

2018 Dates are here!  July 1-7 and Aug 12-18

Family Camp is a time for families to discover the adventures of the Northwoods, through the spirit and programs of Camp Jorn (CJ). This is a time of fun and family growth, with the CJ environment offering a myriad of activities.

Family Campers have the opportunity to enjoy all the activities that our youth campers enjoy. You can swim, canoe, sail, kayak, go skiing, go on a trail ride, test your skills at the archery and air riflery ranges, take out the pontoon, get crafty in arts and crafts. The range of activities is sure to keep you busy. Or you can curl up with a good book on the bluff. It’s your vacation! We will have a schedule of activities, classes and local events you can participate in.

Accommodations are available for weekly rental. Partial rental is not available.  Pricing includes accommodations, food and most program areas.  See the registration form for pricing details.


How to Register:

Due to the popularity of 4th of July Family Camp and limited number of cabin spaces we have decided to implement a lottery system this summer.

To be included in the lottery:

  1. Families will have until Feb. 9th to complete the registration (see below) and send in with the deposit.  Only complete registrations with deposit will be considered.
  2. On the lottery date of Feb. 9th we will begin to randomly draw registrations and place people in their first, second, third or beyond choice of cabin if it is open.
  3. PLEASE NOTE – for any families with children 3 years or younger – we will draw from your registrations first as we want to make sure our families with younger children have a cabin with a bathroom if they want it.  It is important to list all children and ages on your registration.
  4. If you only list one choice and that choice isn’t open, we will assume you do not want to attend camp – so do make sure to number each choice that would be acceptable to you.
  5. We will email you that day as we place you to confirm your placement.
  6. Please note that during the 4th of July and the August Family Camp we will have campers on camp and so there will be no alcohol allowed.  There are also no pets, nuts or smoking allowed on site!
  7. We will continue to take reservations after the lottery until space is full or registration closes.


  • Families that would like to lodge together should turn in one registration form.  This might mean multiple generations or 2 or 3 or more families that would like to be in the same cabin(s) or spaces.
  • Each side of the duplexes will be considered a single cabin.  If two families would like to be close to each other, but not together, make sure you request cabins/yurts/tents in the same order.  If you do not end up together, and we have spaces close together, we will give you the option to move to a less requested type of housing.  We will ask you to note whether being together is more important or lodging is more important!

Contact us for more information: or call 715-543-8808.