scholarships1Resident Camp scholarships are available to those families in need of financial assistance. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, you must turn in a completed camp registration form with a $50 deposit, ($100 for Leadership sessions) and a completed scholarship application form. Once both forms have been received we will call or email within 2 weeks to discuss your application.

Camper scholarships are only available for one session per camper and to help with bus needs. We have partial scholarships for our Teen Leadership sessions.

How much can I expect?

  • We offer scholarships up to 75% of the session fee. We do not have full scholarships.
  • If bus transportation is required to make camp a reality for the child, it can also be included in the scholarship calculations.
  • Extra programs like Horsemanship, Water skiing and Extended Trips will not be covered by scholarship funds.
  • If a camper elects more than one session, scholarship funds can only be applied to one. It is our intent to give the maximum number of kids an experience at CJ.