Camp Jorn Alumni

Camp Jorn YMCA is fortunate to have a dedicated group of alumni who maintain their Camp friendships, and “give back” to the Camp community. Many alumni send their children to Camp, attend Family Camp, and are annual donors to the Strong Kids Campaign.

Our alumni are critical in building our collective memory of the camp by collecting, archiving, and sharing historical information related to the camp. By building this trove of resources, we will be able to preserve the camp experience for future campers, stimulate our recruitment efforts, and help alumni rekindle the magic of Camp Jorn.

There are a multitude of ways that you can play a role in helping to spread the word about the uniqueness of our camp and the values, friendships and creativity it fosters. Your involvement and commitment to Camp Jorn will not only be gratifying, but a great deal of fun. So we hope you will join us, share your stories, and sign up for the email newsletter to stay on top of all the exciting developments.

A Camp Jorn experience stays with you for a lifetime. We invite all Camp Jorn Alumni to stay connected with camp.

Camp Jorn Alumni at the 2020 Around the Camp Fire event! Photo courtesy of our very own CJ Alumn Steve Bensing.

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