A Play Based Curriculum

Have questions?

Contact Holly Golfis, Child Care Director. Tel: 715.543.8390, Fax: 715.543.2390 or holly@campjornymca.org

Register by email, mail or fax

Please complete the required forms below, due back one week prior to attendance. Required for all children attending Child Care.

Additional Forms

  • Health History / Emergency Care Form (PDF)
    Requires a parent/guardian signature for camper to attend camp.
  • Child Health Report (PDF)
    Requires a health provider signature for child to attend.
  • Child Care Immunization Record (PDF)
    An up-to-date immunization record is required for attendance. You can have your doctor’s office fax the record or fill in each box with specific dates.
  • Arrival / Release Agreement (PDF) Only for kids during the school year who take the yellow school bus.
    When your child will arrive at the center from school or other activities, or depart from the center to go to school, and the child will not be accompanied by a parent.
  • Intake for Child Under Two (PDF)
    Required for those children under two years old.