2022 Day Camp Dates & Rates

Our 10 week Day Camp program is for children entering Kindergarten (the child must turn 5 by 9/1/23)-8th grade.

Please note, that when you fill out your online application you are entering our system in the applied status. Once your application is reviewed by our registrar you will be contacted regarding enrollment status, date availability, and charged your non refundable deposit of $30 per week/per camper. Scholarship applicants are charged a non-refundable deposit of $50. Deposits are credited towards your child's overall summer camp balance. This is not an additional fee. 

Is the session you would like to join us for full? Fill out an online application to be placed on our waitlist. Registrants who apply to a waitlisted session are not charged a deposit and will be contacted in the order in which applications are received should days become available.

Day Camp SessionsAvailability
Session 1: June 13-17Registration is Full!
Session 2: June 20-24Registration is Full!
Session 3: June 27-July 1Registration is Full!
Session 4: July 6-8Registration is Full!
Session 5: July 11-15Registration is Full!
Session 6: July 18-22Registration is Full!
Session 7: July 25-29Registration is Full!
Session 8: August 1-5Registration is Full!
Session 9: August 8-12Registration is Full!
Session 10: August 15-19Registration is Full!
2022 Day Camp Sessions

2022 Day Camp Dates







Session 1: June 13-17


Ages 4-5, 12-14 are near capacity. Contact us for availability or complete an online application.

Registration for other age groups is open.

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 2: June 20-24


Registration for all age groups is open. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 3: June 27-July 1


Limited capacity for campers 9-11.  All other age groups are full. Apply to be on the waitlist. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 4: July 6-8


Registration for all age groups is open. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 5: July 11-15


Ages 4-5, 8-9 are near capacity. Contact us for availability or complete an online application.

All other age groups are full. Apply to be on waitlist. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 6: July 18-22


Ages 6-7, 8-9 are near capacity. Contact us for availability or complete an online application.

All other age groups are full. Apply to be on waitlist. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 7: July 25-29


Registration is near capacity for all age groups. Contact us for availability or fill out an online application.

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 8: August 1-5


Registration is near capacity for ages 6-7, 8-9, 12-14. Contact us for availability or complete an online application.

All other age groups are full. Apply to be on waitlist. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 9: August 8-12


Registration is near capacity for ages 4-5,6-7, 8-9, 10-11. Contact us for availability or complete an online application.

All other age groups are full. Apply to be on waitlist. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM

Session 10: August 15-19


Registration is full. Apply to be on waitlist. 

7:30 AM-5:30 PM
Day Camp Overnight Experiences


Fee: $40
Ages: 8+

Take your Camp Jorn day to the next level! During a Day Camp overnight, campers will get to experience what camp is at night through activities such as cookouts, night hikes, etc. Enjoy a camp out in a cabin or under the stars in a tent on Thursday night with your new camp friends. Please note that campers must be registered for both Thursday and Friday to attend an over night session.

We suggest that you put first and last name on all items that your camper brings. • Backpack to hold personal items • Water bottle with name on it • Closed toed shoes • Long pants when cool • Extra clothing • Swimsuit & towel (each day) • Sunscreen • Insect repellent • Raincoat • Sweater, Sweatshirt, or Light Jacket when cool • Sleeping Bag • Pajamas • Pillow • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, etc.) • Clothes for the next day

  • Day Camp Over Night Session 1: June 30th 
  • Day Camp Over Night Session 2: July 21st
  • Day Camp Over Night Session 3: August 11th
Day Camp Rates

Here at Camp Jorn we believe that all youth should have the opportunity to attend Day Camp. We know camp families have differing abilities to pay, so we offer a voluntary, Three-tiered Pricing Program to better meet all financial needs. You self-select the rate you can afford!

2022 Rates

Just coming for one or two days? $60 per day

Rate A-$270/week  (Most accurately reflects the true cost of Day Camp)

Rate B- $245/week (Partially subsidized to make camp more affordable)

Rate C- $220/week (Reflect the subsidies by events, donations, & endowments)

Please consider selecting the highest price you can afford. The tier selected will not affect your child's camp experience. 

Scholarships are available for families who need extra financial assistance please email Jenn Davis our Office Manager/Registrar at jenn@campjornymca.org if you have any questions or call our office at 715-543-8808.

Refunds/Cancellation/Changes Policy

Refunds/Cancellation/Changes Policy

We understand that things change in your life. Any changes that need to be made to your camp schedule need to be made in writing or via email to our camp office. We will try to accommodate these changes based on availability. The $30 deposit per week is non-refundable. The balance is refundable if cancelled at least 2 weeks before your camper’s session start date. Exceptions may be made for medical reasons. Feel free to contact us by phone 715-543-8808 or by emailing jenn@campjornymca.org with questions at any time. Campers are not eligible for refunds or credits for partial or single day absences and or illnesses.


Please note weekly and all-summer discounts will be applied to your account AFTER your registration is complete and a staff member can review it. 

Sibling discount- Families with multiple children will now receive a 10% discount on each additional sibling registered. (The discount given will be based off of campers charges (lowest to highest). This does not include transportation fees.

Multi session discount- If your camper is attending 6 full weeks or more of camp you will receive a $15 discount per session!

Refer a friend- Do you know someone who would love to come to camp?  Receive a $20 discount for each new friend you refer to Camp Jorn!

YMCA employee discount- Full time YMCA employees will receive a 50% discount! Part time employees will receive a 30% discount. Please contact the registrar to receive your discount- email jenn@campjornymca.org

YMCA member discount- YMCA members will receive a $50 discount.

Day Camp Transportation

Bus service is available from Arbor Vitae-Woodruff Elementary School (AV-W). Please use the transportation form during the registration process to select this option for your camper. There is a fee of $6 per day per camper. Campers will be supervised by camp staff during their travel to and from camp.

Pick up/drop off location: Back parking lot at AV-W, 11065 Old 51 N, Woodruff, WI 54568 • The shuttle starts loading at 7:10am and leaves AV-W at 7:30 am • Shuttle leaves Camp Jorn at 4:45 pm and arrives back at AV-W at 5:15 pm. Check in and check out will be done at the bus stop with Camp Jorn staff. Buses will always have staff on board to supervise campers. Supervisors go through orientation during staff training regarding bus transportation and assisting parents and campers at stops. Bus staff will assist campers during the bus ride (getting seated, roll call, answer questions, help with any needs, etc.) Let your camper know staff is there to help!

We request that all children be picked up from the shuttle drop off by 5:30 pm. If there should be changes that would affect a campers’ pick-up or drop off time (emergencies, weather, etc.) camp will email all parents, and use Facebook to notify parents. If a child is not picked up by 5:30 PM, and no contact can be made with authorized persons, the camper will return to Camp Jorn with their counselor and can be picked up there.

All campers utilizing the shuttle must be pre-registered for the bus. The “State of Wisconsin Transportation Permission-Child Care Centers” form must also be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian.

Day Camp Payment Options

You will choose your Day Camp payment preference at time of registration.

Deposit: Day Camp deposits are required to be paid via credit card at time of registration. A $30 nonrefundable deposit per week is due upon registration to guarantee your child’s enrollment and will be credited towards your balance.

Pay As You Go: Feel free to pay at your leisure. We will automatically charge the card on file if an outstanding balance remains after 5 PM on June 3, 2022. Your camper will not be able to join us until your balance has been cleared. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION AFTER June 3, 2022. Your card will automatically be charged in full. 

Installment Plan by Credit Card:

I authorize my credit card to be automatically charged equal installments on the first Monday of each month between my date of enrollment & the pay in full date of June 3, 2022. Installment amounts are based on date of enrollment.

  • Installment plan #1 due 1/17/22
  • Installment plan #2 due 2/14/22
  • Installment plan #3 due 3/14/22
  • Installment plan #4 due 4/11/22
  • Installment plan #5 due 5/9/22
  • Final Payment due 6/3/22

Custom Payment Plan:

Parents may request a custom payment plan for campers attending 6 or more weeks of day camp. Within 24 hrs after submitting your day camper’s application you must contact the Registrar/Office Manager Jenn Davis and request a payment plan form. Failure to do so will forfeit your payment plan request and your payment will be due in full on June 3, 2022. If your camper will receive County Funding you should choose this option and contact our Registrar. Please note that if your campers last day of camp is scheduled before the payment plan ends- your final payment will be due the Monday of their last scheduled week. 

  1. INSTALLMENT 1 DUE 6/3/22
  2. INSTALLMENT 2 DUE 6/17/22
  3. INSTALLMENT 3 DUE 7/1/22
  4. INSTALLMENT 4 DUE 7/15/22
  5. INSTALLMENT 5 DUE 7/29/22
  6. INSTALLMENT 6 DUE 8/12/22


We give scholarships to families of all shapes, sizes and income levels- so if you need assistance with the fee- please apply! We'll work with you to determine the scholarship amount that is right for your situation.  Please contact Jenn Davis for more information. Call 715-543-8808 or email jenn@campjornymca.org

Fundraising Opportunity!
Camp Jorn YMCA has partnered with Flower Power Fundraising to give our 2022 Day and Resident Campers the opportunity to raise money towards their summer camp experience. Campers will be credited 50% of their total sales after the sale concludes on May 15th. Just a reminder in order for a camper to get credit for their sale don't forget to remind buyers to enter your campers first and last name under “Give Credit for this Sale to: _____________”

To get started :

  1. Download this flyer. Share this link with family and friends http://campjornymca.fpfundraising.com/ . Sharing your link often on social media and at different times of the day helps make sales happen by setting helpful reminders.
  2. Craft your outreach message. What you say about your cause will directly impact how people perceive and relate to your message. Share why camp is so important to you!
  3. Get creative with posters, images, or videos. Pair your message with images or videos on social media to increase the impact of your message,
  4. Remind people that they are making purchases to help support a good cause! 
  5. Thank people who buy! Don't forget to say thank you. 

Camp Jorn YMCA has also partnered with Meadow Farms Fundraising to give our 2022 Day and Resident Campers the opportunity to raise money towards their summer camp experience. Campers will be credited 35-50% of their total sales (depending on what products were ordered) after the sale concludes on May 9th. 

  1. Register your sellers online for quick and easy sales. Your School/Org ID is MF1001259. Once you register, reach and exceed your goals by sharing your seller's fundraising page with friends and family via text, email, or social media.
  2. Once you register, download this online flyer. Remember the more email invites you send, the more supporters we will get! So, break out your contact list, share on social media, email, text and help spread the word!
COVID & Day Camp

Please review our COVID-19 Day Camp playbook and call 715-543-8808 or email jenn@campjornymca.org with any questions.