September 13th, 2019 Golf Outing

Sign up early and avoid a late registration fee!  Rates change Aug 10th.

If you have questions, please give us a shout! 715-543-8808 or

Event held at Thunderhawk Golf Club located in Beach Park, IL

 9:30 Registration opens
 10:30 Box lunches available
 10:45 Golfers to their carts and welcome / rules
 11:00 Shotgun Start
 4:00 Appetizers / Drinks
 5:30 Dinner
 6:00 Silent Auction Closes
 6:30 Raffles & Prizes Awarded
 7:30 Golf Outing Concludes

Online Auction

The Camp Jorn Golf Outing Online Auction will run from September 6-September 13th, 2019, with proceeds going to Camp Jorn YMCA in order to support and nurture children, adults, and families. Your contribution will help ensure the Camp remains accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay and that our activities and services are available to the people who need them most. Auction items are donated items guaranteed to delight and surprise. So, tell your friends, family, community and stay tuned for more details!