Strong Kids Campaign 2019

To be as straight forward as possible, we need your donation to help kids get to camp. Imagine 250 pair of empty shoes – worn out sneakers in an array of sizes and styles – scattered about on the parking lot as the bus comes for a pick up. Imagine the same shoes arriving at camp and finding their way to cabin groups and activity areas. Imagine them lined up in rows at the cabins while campers are swimming and mixed into a pile at the dining hall just before the Thursday night sock hop. Now imagine filling those shoes with deserving kids who want and need a camp experience but are from families who do not have the financial means to afford the entire cost. Camp is for kids – ALL kids. Please consider a gift to our 2019 Strong Kids Campaign – help us in our goal to fill 250 pair of shoes with actual children from neighborhoods near and far.   

Terrific things are happening at Camp Jorn. We have great staff focused on recognizing and building the value(s) innate to every camper. Our programs are growing to serve more kids with greater impact. This summer, campers will benefit from professional staff training focused on servant leadership, emotional well-being and well-prepared program areas with horses, sailboats, ski boats, canoe trips, field games and instructors that will ensure every camper experiences success.  

Every donation drives us forward and this year – your gift will be matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $150,000 by the commitment of Anne & John Mueller and G&W Electric. Your $100 gift brings $200 to Camp & Kids. Your $1000 gift brings $2000. How often do you get a chance to double your money and impact? You are a foundational piece of the place, the programs and the people of CJ. Kids, parents, employees, volunteers, community – we all say THANK YOU!

Camp Jorn YMCA is a not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to serving youth and families. Your tax-deductible contribution will help to strengthen CJ’s programs and facilities so that we may continue to build healthy mind, body and spirit for all.


Our Donors Make A Difference- 2018 Break Down

Resident Camp

• We averaged 116 unique campers per week over the 6 weeks of Camp
• 56% of our camper population is from IL, 35% from WI and the remaining 9% come from various states
• 38% of the Resident Camp population was on some sort of scholarship assistance
• Total funds allocated for Resident Camp Scholarships in 2018 was $206,322
• 50 Military families received full scholarships to Camp Jorn totaling $57,125

Day Camp

• We averaged 75 unique campers per week over the 12 weeks of Camp
• 42% from the local area (MW, Winchester, Presque Isle, Mercer, BJ, Arbor Vitae, Woodruff, LDF, Minocqua and Hazelhurst), 30% were from other areas of WI, 12% from IL and the remaining 16% from 12 other states
• 8.6% of the camper population was on some financial assistance.
• Total funds allocated for Day Camp Scholarships in 2018 was $9,650

Thank you to the following sponsors!!