At Camp Jorn, campers will participate in 3 instructional classes per day.

Other times are dedicated to cabin activities.  The cabin group participates in activities such as trail rides, tubing, sailing, cabin challenges, sports and more.

Evenings are a blast!  We have all-camp activities such as campfires, skits, games such as Wells Fargo (think Capture the Flag), Granny’s Candy, Gold Rush and more.  On closing night we have our Friendship Fire ceremony.

Take a look at the following FUN activities available for classes in the morning:

Trading Post

During their time at camp, your camper will be able to visit Trading Post, our camp store. Trading post has many items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, stickers, hats, mugs, and flashlights. A store deposit of $10-20 is recommended your camper. Refunds are issued to campers with $8.00 or more remaining in their account and are made in the fall. Please do not send your campers with cash. We do not want them to lose it. Instead you can stop in the office to fund their trading post account or you can log in to your account, click on view trading post, fund! It’s easy!