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Campers bunk in either cabins, yurts or platform tents with 6-10 other campers, and two counselors. Campers are assigned by age, grade and gender identity with younger groups starting in deluxe cabins progressing to older groups in platform tents.  Our KYBO is a modern washroom facility centrally located.


Yurts are a self-supporting round, domed shelter used by nomadic tribes across central Asia.  Traditional yurts are constructed of a circular wooden frame with a felt cover.  Our yurts have a door frame, lattice wall sections, roof poles and a crown.  You may think “tent” when you see a yurt.  However, yurts are much stronger due to their circular structure combined with wood frame and durable fabric cover.

Bunk or Cabinmate Requests

During your camper's application process you will be given the option to put in a request for a cabinmate. We make every effort to honor bunk requests, but they are not guaranteed. Both campers must be enrolled in the same session and program, of the same gender identity, and should be within one year of age. Bunk requests should be mutual.

During this process you will also be able to tell us if there is a camper your child would rather not bunk with. We make every effort to accommodate this request, but again this is not guaranteed.


Campers eat most meals with their cabin group in our Dining Hall.  They will take turns being Hoppers (those who help with setup and cleanup of the cabin table).  Our menu is nutritionally balanced and designed to appeal to most appetites.  Along with meal entrees, we have a full cereal bar at breakfast and a salad bar at lunch and dinner. Please let us know if your camper has any dietary restrictions, this information may be updated in your camper's Health History Form, which can be found in your Camp In Touch account.

View our sample menu here