Camp Jorn YMCA believes that every child deserves the chance to experience the wonder of summer outdoor programming! We and our donors are committed to providing this opportunity to children of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and incomes. Our goal is to make the scholarship easy as possible for each family that might consider utilizing these funds!

If you need some extra help to send your child(ren) to Camp Jorn YMCA, all you need to do is complete our two page scholarship application and a 2019 camp registration form with a $50 deposit.  Once both forms have been received we will call or email you to confirm your registration and scholarship amount.

We want your child here with us this summer!

How much can I expect?

  • We give scholarships to families of all shapes, sizes and income levels- so if you need assistance with the fee- please apply! We’ll work with you to determine the scholarship amount that is right for your situation.
  • If bus transportation is required to make camp a reality for the child, it can also be included in the scholarship calculations.
  • If a camper elects more than one session, scholarship funds will only be applied to one. It is our intent to give the maximum number of kids an experience at CJ.

If you require further information or need assistance completing this application please call our office at 715-543-8808 and ask for Jenn or send her an email at and she would be happy to help you.